Ever have those battles go on in your head where you’re actually having an argument with yourself? Telling yourself your stupid, can’t do something, no one really cares, wish you were like someone else… And then ask yourself why you’re so hard on yourself, or beating yourself up, or why you put yourself through all the bullshit???? (yeah, raise your hand!) The yaps yaps in our heads can be so brutal, demoralizing, and self-deprecating. We lose those battles every time we have them. How can one conquer this type of battle? Simple… don’t have the battle!

The direct route to be the victor in this battle is to not have the battle at all. There are no weapons but our words and if we choose to sheath our sword the wounds won’t deepen. I have found when I notice that the yap yaps have come to battle I stop in my tracks and think no way! I am not going there! For me, what works is to turn it around. I know it is just my paranoia creating the yap yap, and I know my paranoia is almost always wrong. So, I choose to look at the possibilities. It could be the person I was talking to was having a bad day and it all had nothing to do with me. Who knows. Some times I shut out the yap yaps and keep moving and stay focused on what I want to create. And sometimes I will actually confront what triggered the yap yaps and share my perception of whats going on. That way I have an opportunity to find out it was just my paranoia or there is a situation that needs to be addressed and it creates something good all around.

When I do that there is always a victor… ME! I won the internal battle. The battle only I fight and used to lose. I am the conqueror of myself and no one can take that away from me.

Who will conquer you today?