How many moments of enjoyment have you missed because you “had to” do something/be somewhere or “shouldn’t” because of money, work, or guilt… Wow, the list can go on and on huh? (raise your hand!) If joy and happiness is the essence of life why do we short change ourselves and justify why we don’t have it? Starting to see the bigger picture? Sure, we can stop and smell the roses, treat ourselves to that one fish fry or piece of pizza, or relish having a savory,tantalizing dessert! Life is not about denying ourselves of the things we enjoy. It isn’t even about fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities, though that is very important! Life is meant to be lived, to be explored, and to be experienced. If we live our lives in a tiny little box of “need to”s, “have to”s, and “should”s how much are we missing out on????

Last night I sat at a lovely bar sipping a delicious martini waiting for a friend to join me and thought how lucky I was. Having been a single mom for over a decade I was often jealous of all my friends skirting off to happy hour after work and living it up. Now that my kids are old enough and independent and I work near a quaint little bistro with the most friendly staff I sat there contemplating my life and how it is working for me. I do so enjoy sipping flavorful martinis and mingling with fun people. I decided that when I feel so inclined I am going to treat myself to happy hour and try each one of their martinis! Not to make a point of doing it, or plan it, or build it into a structured formula of balance. Simply on impulse… I have come to find those are the moments I really feel I am living.

So, whether it is the dessert cart, happy hour, the piece of pizza, a morning on the golf course, spontaneous rendezvous… Where will you seize your moments today?